Limited Lifetime Warranty

This warranty covers products manufactured after January 1, 2014 and is subject to the following qualifications.

MityBilt will repair or replace, at its discretion, any furniture manufactured by the company which proves to be defective in original material or workmanship as long as the product is owned by its original purchaser. In the instance of goods sold by MityBilt that have been produced by another manufacturer, MityBilt passes on the said manufactures warranty to the purchaser.

If MityBilt determines that the furniture has not provided the warranted 20 year service life, MityBilt will provide an equivalent replacement product or component, or at its option, repair locally, repair at its facility, or return the purhcase price of any MityBilt brand product. MityBilt will not cover any labour charges or travel costs due to the replacement of items or parts.


From the date of purchase, MityBilt's limited warranty covers the items below as follows:

20 Years: Laminate bonding, edging bonding, welds, powercoat finish on desks, tables and storage products unless otherwise indicated in this limited warranty.

3 Years: Plastic components, glides, castors, seating controls, pneumatic and ratchet cylinders, table and tablet mechanisms and vinyl upholstery.

1 Year: Power and Data units


For education seating, normal usage in a classroom context is the equivalent of a forty-hour week, 180 day school year.


This limited warranty excludes:

  • Apparent defects caused by abusive or abnormal use of the product.
  • Products not assembled, installed or used in compliance with MityBilt's product instructions or warnings.
  • Failures resulting from inadequate inspection and maintenance.
  • The effects of normal usage over time.
  • Any damage caused during shipment (see the current MityBilt price list's "Steps to Take When Receiving Shipments" for more information).
  • Product modifications not approved by MityBilt.
  • Rust caused by natural elements or high exposure to moisture.
  • Wood is a natural product and is subject to warping in some environmental conditions
  • Products used for rental purposes.

There are no implied warranties of fitness or merchantability, and there are no other express warranties beyond the warranties expressed here, all incidental or consequential damages which may arise, including but not limited to business losses, personal property damage, and third party liabilities are hereby expressly excluded.

MityBilt products are not intended or warranted for outdoor use. In addition, some natural materials are inherent to their character such as the bowing of wood that cannot be avoided in some environments. Therefore, they are not considered defects. MityBilt does not warranty the colour-fastness or matching colours, grains or textures of such materials. Customer's own materials selected by and used at the request of a user are not warranted.

MityBilt is not liable for any indirect consequential or incidental damages. This warranty contains the original purchaser's exclusive remedy.


Please visit to file a warranty claim through the online form.