Ergo-Dynamic Classrooms

The basic idea of flexible classrooms is to remove students from a passive learning environment and instead create a space that encourages and facilitates their involvement in each and every class.

Have you noticed in today's world the new ways we work, how we collaborate, communicate, and interact?

Changes in education today are a challenge from kindergarten through post-secondary, and it's important to consider every corner and make every space count, because every type of space can be used for learning.

Students in motion — interacting, designing, contributing, socializing and studying — quickly. Simultaneously the administrations are challenged to relate to a diverse group of students and changing learning methodologies, changing to accommodate the varied needs of every child.

Schools are searching every facet of the curriculum to put together strategies that work for all students.

Successful learning conditions are planned to show the effective working practices of the school. Teachers are working collaboratively with groups of students and a variety of learning landscapes are being utilized to provide for various teacher – student scenarios.

The advantages of properly defined learning landscapes provide for a superior learning experience. The ambiance, quality of daylight, indoor air, temperature, and the ‘ergo-dynamics' of the furniture all increases the educational experience of the student.

Change is all around us. No longer are we a nine to five society — challenges are global and now! We are preparing today's students in anticipation of situations that we never faced and that maybe didn't even exist!

A simple road map for accelerated performance

Today's Learning Landscapes assists the efforts of the working student. Working either by themselves or collaboratively, in small groups or large, hands-on or academic, the scope of today's activities requires being able to think ‘outside the box'.

Designing flexible Learning Landscapes and embracing change to assist the learning process.

A classroom often includes many individuals with a wide variety of different needs, different capacities and desires. In addition, teachers have different teaching styles and may prefer different methods of instruction. The diversity of space and furniture, the dynamic Learning Landscape, allows pupils to learn in the way they learn best.

Adaptable Learning classrooms are fluid! A teaching area without constraint and with the ability for change – from solo study to group gatherings, from instruction to interaction. Varying heights of table, ergonomic chairs, and movable furniture supports the adaptable Learning Landscape!

Embrace change – a change for the better. An adaptive Learning classroom increases the opportunities of the student and the prestige of the facility. Anticipate the future now!

One space, endless configurations

Flexible classrooms for dynamic teaching and learning resulting in accelerated performance and result.

The requirements of the school classroom are changing more rapidly than ever before. Our vision for today's classroom is to provide a multifaceted, student centered learning area.

The MityBilt Active Learning Classroom is our considered response to the learning experiences required for today's education. The physical space must provide, support and enhance a diversity of activities, be it for teacher instruction, collaborative teamwork or individual study tasks.

Conekt Linx Surf, Eko and Nexus

The concept of collaborative learning, the grouping of students for the purpose of increasing critical thinking to achieve an academic goal.


SystemSTOR Mobile Storage is an adaptable, flexible, high quality storage system that is used in education and office to home storage. The assortment of trays sizes make perfect use of your space and keep areas looking good.

Vitesse Mobile Nesting Tables

The innovative Vitesse flip top table supports modern work dynamics. It creates extra workspace in a moment's notice and extra space through its ability to nest in storage.

Kudos Ergonomic Task Chair

An affordable classroom task chair that meets criteria for "Ergonomic Seating". The Kudos is setting new standards by introducing proven ergonomic principles into classroom chairs for today's educational environment. Feel the difference.

Tango Adjustable Height Table

The Tango-X is designed for sitting or standing while working. Ideal for use with laptops in presentations or as a podium.

MityBilt furniture improves posture, comfort, and... performance!

Many of us spend a significant part of our lives sitting down, whether at school, college, in the office, working in a shop or other seated activities.

Most of us spend our seated time sitting in a way that can lead to stiffness, a sore neck and, in some cases – especially those of young children – back problems that can stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Many of these problems can be linked to poor posture in the form of rounded shoulders, a cramped stomach and constant twisting of the trunk.

In fact, while reading this you are probably hunched over with your spine curved, leading you to constantly shift position because you are uncomfortable...

From its inception, the MityBilt Ergo furniture range has been designed to promote good posture.

The design principles have been endorsed by leading surgeons, educationalists and ergonomists from around the world.

Good posture brings benefits such as improved concentration, reduced discomfort and most importantly proven better achievements in learning and in the workplace.

The Ergo Chair can be used for a range of applications in commercial and in educational environments, especially where long periods of sitting are the norm.

Ergo Chair

The chair shell is a sophisticated one piece gas inject, glass filled polypropylene injection molding. It can be used in a wide range of environments, especially in schools.

  • Encourages an alert and upright posture. Proven to enhance concentration and consequential educational achievement.
  • Available in a number of styles and heights.
  • Immensely strong and vandal resistant.
  • Ready for comfortable use by students of different heights without time wasting adjustment, especially when used with the Ergo desk.
Saddle Stool

The benefits of saddle stools and chairs have been recognized over many years and include:

  • Comfort both when in use and after long periods of use. Saddle promotes a balanced and upright posture.
  • Reduction in back pain.
  • Saddle can be mounted on fixed height bases with or without footrests, or to a gas lift making it compatible with a wide range of work surface heights.
  • Stores usefully under a desk or table. The Saddle can be used by young or old, by large or small as one size fits all. Unlike alternative designs, the Saddle is injection molded as a single component for simplicity, durability and low cost.
Ergo Desk

High specification desks which shunt together for storage.

  • Available as a tilt top, adjustable height, or fixed height style desk.
  • Cantilever style design for easy accessability.
  • Standard with casters for easy maneuverability.