GreenGuard Certified

MityBilt is officially green!

On August 27th 2014 MityBilt Products Inc. was congratulated by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) for diligence and persistence in continuing to produce low emitting product for the indoor environment. To receive this GREENGUARD certification, the products were tested according to GREENGUARD’s rigorous standards for lowemitting products. Furthermore MityBilt also passed the GREENGUARD Gold Certification

As a school furniture manufacturer we have a responsibility to make sure the furniture we supply to schools is considered and can be proven safe. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from paints and coatings formaldehyde from wood products, and phthalates from adhesives are some of the types of air pollution that can be found in furniture

Buying Canadian and Reducing your Carbon Footprint.

Distance from MityBilt to Winnipeg: 13.6 miles according to Google Maps. (based on one way trip). Based on a vehicle travelling four times a month, or once per 5 day business week.

Distance from California to Winnipeg: 2,001 miles according to Google Maps (based on one way trip). Based on a tractor trailer travelling twice a month, or 2 times every 20 business days.

Estimated Carbon Emissions The below comparison of data is derived from the readily available OmniTracs online calculator.