Meet the MityBilt Team

The MityBilt team is made up of many skilled and dedicated individuals. While there are many of them throughout the company, here are some you are likely to hear from.

Mitybilt Staff

Abdul Raheem

Finance Officer

Alina Lyhanenko

Operations Administrator

Caleb Louden

Product Engineer

Cindy Timani

Product Designer

Greg Mitchell


Gurbir Brar


Heidi Mclachlin

Business Development

James Renshaw

BC Sales

Janelle Malofsky

USA Sales

Jeff Krisman

Business Development

Kaitlyn Ducharme

Sales Support

Kelvin Bradford

Sales Manager

Manuelito Guerrero


Sam Bradford

General Manager

Serge Betito

QC Sales

Tara Watt

ON Sales

Tess Lamm

Customer Service