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Jive Balance Stools

  • Jive Balance 18"

    The Jive Balance Stool was made for the adaptive learning environment. Ideal for individual or group learning, this self-balancing stool promotes movement without leaving the seat. A healthy classroom is designed to allow for healthy sitting habits and mobility. Quickly change the environment of the classroom with these fun, easy-to-move stools.

    • Polypropylene shell in light Grey with Thermoplastic Elastomer
    • Soft rubber non-slip, non-marking base
    • Self-balancing and self-stabilizing
    • Adjustable height in 3" increments. 12", 15", 18" and 21"
    • Colour feature rim available in Aqua, Red, Yellow and Navy
    • Memory foam seat
    • Durable construction
    Seat Colour